I love Starbucks

As usual I am in a Starbucks, looking outside the window the people who cross the street, observing who is around me, writing. I  didn’t want to stay at home, I wanted to hear the sound of the city.
I like the company of people and the most I like to start a conversation with somebody that I don’t know. That’s what has happened with the funny guy sitting in front of me.
Daniel is his name and he is half German and half Spanish. I recognized immediately that he had something German, although he was speaking perfect Spanish with somebody on the phone.
He has left just now. He has to help his mum who is working in a small shop on the street.
He reminded me of Peter, a nice German guy I was working with when I was in China.
Maybe it was for this “association” that I had the feeling to know a bit more about him.
I’ve finished my “Caramel Macchiato” and my “Chocolate Cake Supreme”.
Ohhh I love Starbucks!

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