About Me

IVANA PINNA (1976) multidisciplinary artist, born in a small village of 2500 inhabitants in the centre of Sardinia. After graduating in Political Science she worked within the European institutions believing in the possibilities of a new way of being and relating as nations and peoples. Her interest in learning languages push her to live in different countries: England, Belgium, France, Germany, China, Switzerland, Spain. In 2000, her encounter with the Internet has fueled the illusion of having a powerful tool that offers unimaginable possibilities for developing human relationships and multiplying opportunities for sharing. She started to learn different programming languages for dominating the various techniques of operation of the Web and for many years she has dealt with “buy keywords”.

Her artistic work employs different media depending on the need of each moment and is a combination of aspects and knowledge acquired through the years in various transdisciplinary sectors by integrating as well and intensive study of the body in an anatomical,  phenomenological and sensory level.
Over the past years she is working on participatory projects, engaging directly the audience in the creative process, and at the same time collaborates with other artists in trans-disciplinary projects.
She is the catalyst of the IVYnode project, whose goal is the promotion of culture, art, environment, innovation within small territorial communities, among them Nurri, the village she grow up.
An investigation not only on a territorial level, but also intimate and personal, starting
from a microcosm to extend to a macrocosm. 



– „SMALL things big“ Pop-Up Exhibition, organized by IVYnode. Gallery La Xina A.R.T, Barcelona/Spain
–  „Su Bixinau“ Collective Exhibition Monastery Santa Rosa, organized by IVYnode, Nurri/Sardinia
– Festival Sant’Arte invited by Pinuccio Sciola Foundation,  presenting “My Way Home” San Sperate/Sardinia

Collective Exhibition „Origins“ at Monastery Santa Rosa, Nurri/Sardinia
Collective Exhibition at Autentica Unconventional Art Fair, Verona/Italy
Collective Exhibition/Auction Nr. II Pfullendorf/Germany

– 1/29 October, Collective Exibition „Find me! International Group Show. Biennale Off-57. Biennale Arte di Venezia“ organized by Vernice Contemporanea, Venice/Italy
– Made of Walking, Group Show Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/Performance
Partecipatory Project, La Roumieu/France
– Collective Exhibition “The Hidden, The Mysteries”, at Arebyte Gallery, London/UK
– Sound+Environment, Group Show Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/ Performance Partecipatory Project, University of Hull Hull/UK
Collective Exhibition/Auction Nr.I organized by Till Schilling with several artists (between them Michael Kirkegaard, Thomas Keis, Magdalena Jetelová) Kunstauktion für Jugendkunstschule Pfullendorf/Germany

Saristra Festival, Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/Performance Partecipatory Project, Kefalonia/Greece

Collective Exhibition “Wine&Cheese&Grapes” at TheSPACE, Presenting “Hands for one year” and “Meeting you” Installation, Barcelona/Spain



2016-2017 Postgrad Certificate in Sensorial Language at Teatro de los Sentidos, with Enrique Vargas, University of Girona, Barcelona
2016-2017 Student of the sculptress Mer Jimenez, at MEAM (Museo Europeo Arte Moderna), Barcelona
2015-2016 Student of Teresa Rosa Aguayo at “Escuela Textil Teranyina”,Barcelona
2011-2012 Art School “Davinci Escola d’Art”, Barcelona
2009-2011Student of the hyper-realistic painter DeAngel, Barcelona
1998-2003 Master degree in Political Science


2° premio Vernice Art Price 2018 – catalogo Presentazione di “Negreta Noten” – “Epifania dell’Oltre” a cura di Vernice Contemporanea, presso Bunker C4 Villa Caldogno, Vicenza ( dal 03 al 31 marzo)
– BecomeBecome Art Residency & IVYnode local organizer – 19/27 June 2018 – “A call to
Origins” Sardinia/Italy

BecomeBecome Art Residency – The Hidden the Mysteries – 30 June/10 July 2017 – London/Italy

BecomeBecome Art Residency – Cybernetic/Peripatetic – 13/20 March 2015 – Athena/Greece

BecomeBecome Art Residency – with the I-node of the Planetary Collegium – 10/15 September 2014 – Kefalonia/Greece

“The Space” Art Studio coordinated by Annette Merrild and Kirsten Campbell, with Michael Kirkegaard – Barcelona/Spain

Metafora Art School – “No Man’s Land”, International Workshop Barcelona/Spain