My work is characterized by an interdisciplinary approach, based on a never ending learning process with an empirical actitude, employing different media, depending on the need of each moment. Over the past years I am working on participatory projects, engaging directly the audience in the creative process, and at the same time I am working more intensively on my body by practising silk dance, yoga, and other body methodologies. The bodywork has allowed a deeper sensory perception with a higher awareness in breathing and body consciousness. This investigation reflects in the last works, which are caracterized by activities that required concentration, patience and time-consuming processes.
The creative process is seen as a journey, entering inside the work, shaping without manipulating, feeling and becoming one with it. The work is the result of actions and moods triggered by a specific vibration, but the emphasis is placed on the process itself. The experiences and knowledges, the concentration and commitment are put entirely at the disposal of the work.


IVANA PINNA (1976) born in Sardinia, Italy.
Based in Barcelona, lived in many countries, for many years she used to “buy keywords”.

2017 “Find me” International Group Show – BIENNAL OFF/57. BIENNALE D’ARTE DI VENEZIA, Italy
2017 Made of Walking, Group Show Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/Performance Partecipatory Project, La Roumieu, France
2017 “The Hidden, The Mysteries”, Group Show at Arebyte Gallery, London
2017 Sound+Environment, Group Show Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/Performance Partecipatory Project, University of Hull, Great Britain
2017 Kunstauktion für Jugendkunstschule Pfullendorf organized by Till Schilling with several artists as Michael Kirkegaard, Thomas Keis, Magdalena Jetelová, Pfullendorf (Germany)
2016 Saristra Festival, Presenting “My Way Home” Installation/Performance Partecipatory Project, Kefalonia (Greece)
2016 “Cybernetic Peripatetic Program” hold by BecomeBecome, Development Program for Transdisciplinary Projects, Presenting “Breath-Lines” Performance Project, Athens (Greece).
2014 “BecomeBecome, Development Program for Transdisciplinary Projects”, with Plymouth University and I-Node of the Planetary Collegium, Presenting “Betting for words” Performance Project, Kefalonia (Greece).
2012 “TheSPACE”, Art Residency coordinated by Annette Merrild and Kirsten Campbell, with the participation of Michael Kirkegaard, Presenting “Hands for one year” and “Meeting you” Installation, Barcelona
2011 “No Man’s Land”, International Workshop, at Art School Metàfora, Barcelona


2016-2017 Postgrad Certificate in Sensorial Language at Teatro de los Sentidos, with Enrique Vargas, University of Girona, Barcelona
2016-2017 Student of the sculptress Mer Jimenez, at MEAM (Museo Europeo Arte Moderna), Barcelona
2015-2016 Student of Teresa Rosa Aguayo at “Escuela Textil Teranyina”,Barcelona
2011-2012 Art School “Davinci Escola d’Art”, Barcelona
2009-2011 Pupil of the hyper-realistic painter DeAngel, Barcelona
1998-2003 Master degree in Political Science