“Creator of Identity” Specialist

There is nothing easier today than opening a Facebook account, putting a name and surname, creating your profile, adding “friends” who you don’t know and starting a NEW LIFE.

There is nothing easier today, than opening a Twitter account, spamming with news that can be interested, although they are not real, and having followers.

There is nothing easier today, than buying a Website with a good ranking, inserting a stealing content and let that your “profile” is even more worthy of consideration.

There is nothing easier today for a good Creator Identity Specialist to use Photoshop and build a new face.

There is nothing easier to create new heroes or new monsters, let people trust what is not true, manipulating the information.

By reading the news I have a claustrophobic feeling as I live in a “PLASTIC WORLD”?

For who has not seen “Wag the Dog”, I suggest to see it.
We are not so far away from the story of the film and from what we are living today.

Something is sure. Osama Bin Laden has been killed, already long time ago, but the “Creator of Identity” has found a new face for telling a new story, or maybe a nightmare.

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