Hands for One Year

After I started this project somebody asked me what it was about and what I was expecting to get.

When I start a new painting sometime I have fix on my mind the idea, but when I look at the result it seems different from the original inspiration. The final result is the outcome of the creative process. It’s not the artist who creates the art work, but it’s the art work which creates itself.

Looking at one single picture you would probably ask yourself what is its meaning, but if you see all the pictures together you could have a different idea.

These hands are telling my story through the things I have done, the places I’ve visited and the people I met.
Thanks to all people I shook hands with, I have been close to, and especially to the one who supported and encouraged me in this crazy idea.


The 24th of October was the last time I uploaded my hand pictures on the blog.
Here there is a collage of my hands from that time until today.

During this time many things have happened.
At the end of October I moved to a new flat in the centre of Barcelona and since then everything changed. It takes me only 10 minutes with the bike to go to work, I live very close to my friends, I have all the things I love in front of my door house, I am sharing the flat with nice people, I feel around me a positive energy: that’s important!

In November I have been very busy and I worked really hard for grounding the bases of my future and I hope to see the results very soon.
I also had the time to travel a bit more and I’ve been to Sardinia and to Zurich. I had a great time!

Hands Around the World Tour

I’ve booked my flight 2 days ago from Barcelona. I said to my boss that I needed some weeks off, and now I am in Munich, ready to starts my project “Hands around the world tour” that will lead me to America.

It all started Monday morning.
As usual I was preparing my breakfast but suddenly I stopped to read 2 postcards that were hanging on the fridge since months.
One postcard was from Mitch and the other from Matthew, 2 Americans guys, who stayed in my flat for a couple of days visiting my flatmate Austin. It was not the first time I saw these postcards, but that time was different. I thought that these Americans guys were really nice, with a very positiv attitude.

Subsequently I went into my room and my eyes stopped to another card I get from Kim, a lovely American girl that I met in China. She visited me in Barcelona and she stayed at my place for a couples of weeks. It was great to see her again after such a long time. When she left she wrote me a lovely card and everytime I read it I have a good feeling.

Once Simone said to me to pay always attention to the small details and to take them as a sign.
After reading these cards I wanted to see how the Americans live and I was curious to know from what they get their energy. I had the irresistible impulse to see with my eyes how America is!

I said to myself: let’s go!

The “Hands around the world” tour is just the idea that motivate me more to do this journey.
What is the meaning I want to give to it? What I am expecting?
The handshake is usually the first contact we have by meeting new people. I hope to shake hands with many other people to understand their world and to understand mine as well.

Talking Hands

Italians like to talk a lot, sometimes too much, but it’s in any case a pleasure to listen at them and to be hypnotised by the conversation of their hands.

I had a pleasant talk today with a couples of italian friends: sharing thought, impressions, getting new ideas, analysing and philosophising about the human being.

Today I’ve booked the flights.
On Wednesday I will start the first “Hands around the world tour”.

From Barcelona to Munich, London, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Naples and back again!


The right hand is positively charged and sends or gives Energy, the left hand is negatively charged, and receives Energy”.


In the oriental tradition (Japanese culture especially) people are used to join their hand when they thank somebody. It’s a way to preserve their energy.

That’s what I’ve learned today from Yuya, my Japanese friend.

Hand as a map

Somebody asked me what this project is about and what I am expecting to get.
When I start a new painting sometime I have fix on my mind the idea but when I look at the result it seems different from the original inspiration.
The final result is the outcome of the creative process.
It’s not the artist who creates the work but it’s the work that buids itself.

I come up with this “handbook project idea” when I was in China, the week before I escaped the country and I made some choices. And now, after more then 1 year, I decided to start the project, as a result of new experiences, feelings and plans.

I could have taken pictures of the wrinkles of my face, as a symbol of the time that goes and maybe I could also do it in the future, but for the moment I am going to take pictures of the “lines of my hand” and see them as a paths, as a symbol of my choices and concretisation of ideas.

Association of ideas

Today I spoken with different people about this project and I asked what is the association of ideas when I say “hands”.

Here are some of the adjectives I’ve got:

– Personal
– Descriptive map
– Engaging
– Tool
– Islam

A friend of mine told me “red”. I’ve discovered that is a fetish of the hands, and the color red is always linked to passion.
It will be a coincidence, but I asked the same to some Chinese friends and their association of the idea was “work”, which is certainly the quality with which we can also identify Chinese people.
I’ve found it really interesting!

Hands Project


What do you think for an association of ideas?
– Friendship -> Handshake
– Help -> Give a hand
– Union-> Hand in Hand
– Communication-> A hand that writes
– Mystery-> Reading of the hand

And who knows what else. The list could be much longer.
Just serching “Mano” in Google Italy you can find more than 119 million terms. Much more than the word love!

What is this blog about?
Metaphorically speaking I could see it the story of one hand through the changes of its lines.
Yes, the lines change! Have you ever noticed it? It’s something that has always fascinated me. Many times I stop to fix my hands to see the differences on the lines and to understand how my choices have affected my destiny.
I am not an expert in palmistry, and I don’t have the intention to say what means that little sign that appears, disappears or that line that joins another. What is important for me is to see daily the lines of this hand that follows the dreams, passions and desires of myself.

Every day I will take a picture of the “hand of the day” for symbolizing a print on this journey called LIFE.