Hand as a map

Somebody asked me what this project is about and what I am expecting to get.
When I start a new painting sometime I have fix on my mind the idea but when I look at the result it seems different from the original inspiration.
The final result is the outcome of the creative process.
It’s not the artist who creates the work but it’s the work that buids itself.

I come up with this “handbook project idea” when I was in China, the week before I escaped the country and I made some choices. And now, after more then 1 year, I decided to start the project, as a result of new experiences, feelings and plans.

I could have taken pictures of the wrinkles of my face, as a symbol of the time that goes and maybe I could also do it in the future, but for the moment I am going to take pictures of the “lines of my hand” and see them as a paths, as a symbol of my choices and concretisation of ideas.

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