Bluebeard’s Justice

From Bluebeard’s Justice, Beppe Grillo

For anyone wanting to be liberated from the wife for a 20 year old from the East or to inherit the apartment, Italian law offers great possibilities.
In his book “Toghe Rotte”, the judge Bruno Tinti gives precious details to aspiring wife-killers.
First of all you need to have a wife and a good reason to get rid of her, then you can eliminate her. Anyone who wants to, can give expression to his sadism as it’s not considered to be a serious aggravating factor.
After the homicide you must then straight away rush to the Carabinieri to give yourself in, explain the details of the crime and make it possible to trace the weapon used to carry out the crime (bodkin, pistol, hammer etc.) There’s no longer any danger of the evidence being tampered with or of escape. Thus arrest is not necessary. While waiting for the trial it’s possible to continue your normal life.
For a wife-killer the sentence is life. But the husband can show that he “acted in a state of anger determined by an unjust fact carried out by others” (art. 62 n.2), for example adultery, to be ready to recompense the relatives of the former wife (art. 62 n.6), and ask for the fast-track trial.
The judge, with his calculator in his hand, starts to do subtraction.
– without aggravating circumstances, the sentence is not life, but 24 years in prison
-take off a third, art. 62 n.2 (state of anger) = 16 years
– take off a third, art. 62 n.6 (recompense) = 11.33 recurring years
– take off a third, art. 62 b general circumstances (allowed for everyone) = 7.5 years
– take off a third for the fast-track trial = 5 years
– if the murder happened before May 2006 there’s a discount of 3 years for the Great ceppalonic Pardon = 2 years suspended on condition of good conduct.
If the Justice system is particularly severe with a sentence of 3 years, the husband is placed in the hands of the social services.
Wife-killing is worth it. A book, the sponsorship of a make of male underwear and an evening with Bruno Vespa (Show Man). You can achieve economic tranquility. In Italy, wives are useful even when dead.

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