Only a picture

I like to observe people on the metro, on the street, in a bar, everywhere.
I always try to imagine what the life of each single person is.
Sometime I make little conversations with strangers, and I get the chance to know a bit more about their life. But sometime I have only questions without an answer…

Only a smile between us
I don’t know you but I start
To ask myself about your life
While your face began to shine

It’s so great to be lost in my thoughts
It’s the perfect moment to think about you
But it’s only a short instant and I know
After the crossroad I won’t see you anymore

While you are crossing the street I decide
I behold this moment deep inside
Even if I don’t know who you are
Nothing about your past or your future life

What remains to me is only a picture
And the strange emotion I keep in my mind
Even if I don’t know your name
Even if I don’t know from where you came

Ivana, 01 May 2008 Bai Lin Monastery, China

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