Everything comes to an end

EVERYTHING COMES TO AN END. This is a basic concept of Buddhism.

All forms are temporary and also the universe will for sure comes to an end one day.
Change is the only constant in life.
Every day we change, and these changes alter our relationships, our desires, our possessions.
The desires cause suffering.
When we reach our desire and obtain a certain possession we may be happy for a while, but later we start to desire something else. We must also remember that sometimes there are desires that could make us unhappy. The possessions as well will not be with us forever, and the separation will cause more suffering.

Somebody said to me: “I experienced love, I am happy to know what was and I don’t pretend much more. I don’t want to love again because I know one day it will come to an end”.
Better not to be attached to things, better not to have desires, better not to have possession, better not to love because it hurts?
But a life without emotions and without feelings, what kind of life is it?
And a life with suffering, with tears and pain, what kind of life is it?

What is the solution?
Maybe to find the right dimension, where you don’t have any expectation.
In this special moment you don’t have to remember how it was, and you don’t have to ask yourself how it will be.

3 thoughts on “Everything comes to an end

  1. >So true Ivana!!!!!!!! When we love we suffer but how can one live without the joys of love… I hope to love again and again and always… and to not be attached to anything other than my loved ones :-))) Love Lara xP.S. The hardest part is the not expecting… that is something I`m still working on…

  2. >Ehi Lara!Thanks a lot for your comment 🙂 I also think a life without the joy of love is a non life…It could be a contradiction, but sometimes, you can really understand you are in love, only if you suffer a bit…I am working on the “no expectation” as well… it’s quite hard, but it’s the only way for living the present moment in a better way.

  3. >i like what you wrote , i always liked to make some planes in my life,i usualy dont expect much from love because the reality will hurt,but i always like to make poeple feel confortuble when they are with me,because noything worth and we should enjoy this life,weather it is . love is all we got to support and face the problemes in our lifes.let us love to make sure that we are alive kisss,mira

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