Indecision Party

IMG_7775The First Indecision Party Event took place in December 2010.
The idea was given to me by a friend who said jokingly to me: “You left Barcelona and you organized a farewell party; you are back in the city and you are organizing a welcome party. Where do you want to stay? Maybe you must organize an Indecision party!”.
It was really funny, and considering the fact that in Barcelona nobody is never tired of parties, I decided to organize this special event.

I had the feeling that I was not the only one who needed an Indecision party. Normally when I spoke with other people living in this city, I had the feeling that Barcelona is a kind of “parking place” for those who don’t know what to do next.

In the “Indecision Party” the imagination ran free. People were supposed to come dressed and perform as they imagined to be in 10 years.
“Where are you going to live? What are you going to do? Will you be a manager? a business man? an housewife? an artist? a doctor? an actor? a porn star? Or somebody who doesn’t work and lives in the Maldives? a pilot or maybe a flight controller? So many possibilities!” These were the topics of that evening!

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Somebody came dress up as they used to dress, somebody came with a special dress, somebody take it seriously, somebody playfully.
For simbolizing this evening every person had been catapulted into the future through the “red chair of the future” where they had a look at themselves in 10 Years.

At the end the event was not only my “Indecision Party” but also that of other people who for one night had the chance to project themselves in their expectations.

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