My Way Home

September 2016- OnGoing

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Since June 2016, have been collected returning back home audio routes from Supporters in different cities (Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki, Athens, Naples, London, etc). These routes have been recorded mostly in English, but also in other languages. The intention was to get them performed by free willing Performers in other cities and places than the location where the audio was created.

The routes from an ‘another place’ are shifted somewhere else in the form of acoustic instructions, resembling the experience of a GPS aural guidance. As a result  unpredictable wanderings/driftings and random encounters are emerged.
The one that performs a route reaches an unknown place, by following external aural information from elsewhere, moved by the intention to follow someone else’s way back home.

Just as the title”My way back home” implies, the walking route cultivates a feeling of trust while on the road. The collected audio routes were performed for the first time in an abandoned village in Greece, namely Old Vlachata Kefalonia by those who attended Saristra Festival (5-7 August 2016).

You can read more about the project here: