Crossing borders

August 2011 – OnGoing

My Dear,

Don’t ask why you have received this bag, don’t ask why you and not someone else, don’t ask what is the purpose of this project. For sure there is somebody that trust you, and  feel you will understand the “spirit of this project”.
The pouch you have received is a very special one. It belonged to an unknown soldier of the II World War. I don’t know the story of the soldier, I don’t know his nationality, how he looked like, if he was injured or if he died during the war. I can only imagine he was somebody who was fighting for conquering a territory in the name of an ideal that perhaps was even not his ideal. I can only imagine that his personal aim was not to fight but to survive. And in a war each soldier is not a man, he is a pawn on a chessboard whose strategic decisions are handled by other which ultimate goal is the conquest of a territory. “Go forward, fighting, pushing beyond the boundary line, the no man’s land!”

I don’t know either to how many people belonged this pouch. If it was torn from his owner by force or given as a present to somebody else. I even don’t know to how many other persons this pouch belonged before me. But when I hold this object on my hand I have in front of my eyes its original owner fighting on the border of the “No man’s land”, a land without possession, that doesn’t belong to anyone. And for this reason who am I to possess this pouch? I have only the feeling that the pouch has a story, and its spirit is to cross a border.

This pouch was probably containing a gun but for more then 1 year I’ve used it as a container for six white balls, which are part of another projects the “Ping Pong Balls“.

“Crossing borders”, it’s not only my project is also yours and we can success if we trust each others. I will only ask you to take a picture of you with the pouch when you give it to the next person and to send it to me.
Please I would be grateful if you write me your story, your feelings and impressions when you received the bag. I will publish it on this blog.

Please give the bag to somebody else you know, you trust, or to somebody would like to be part of this project.  If you don’t want to take part of it, please give back the bag or send me an email. There will be somebody else who will take care of the bag.

Thanks a lot for being part of this project.
With Love,